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Carlos Molina N.



I use paper to design and create tridimentional objects of ephemeral nature. The accessibility and malleability of the medium allows me to opportunity to play with the material. This playing with possibilities let hidden forms reveal themselves.


The idea of having a flat surface like a sheet of paper  transform into a piece with volume is very inspiring to me, specially creating organic, soft forms, and freestyle abstracts.



Working with digital media means infinite possibilities to me; it’s readily available and accessible.  This versatile and ever expanding medium changed the way we communicate ideas and images.


The medium invites me to explore its artistic properties and use them to communicate plastically.  Exploring the definition of community, diversity and inclusion is my favorite theme. These are issues very close to my heart, both artistically and humanistically.


Carlos N. Molina was born in the west coast of Puerto Rico, famous for its beautiful beaches and lush mountains. He moved to New York City in 1993 after living and studying in Los Angeles, Paris and South Korea. His work has been exhibited in Puerto Rico, Japan, Hong Kong, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other cities in the United States.


Carlos N. is a paper sculptor and a digital artist. He transforms lines and shapes into whimsical figurative and abstract forms.


A very prolific and curious artist, Carlos N. has express his creativity through multiples styles and themes.


Behind his fanciful creations, there is always a deeper meaning and a committed pursuit of beauty and celebration of diversity. His work tells a very personal story, of what was and what could be—a longing for an idyllic, joyful and a just world.


Currently, Carlos N. is working on taking features from his digital and paper art, and recreating them on a larger scale, while maintaining the intimate element that invites one to get close and explore his personal world.



When I use paper I wish not to change the structure of the material. I use cutting, folding, gluing and occasionally acrylic paint to create my artwork. Although I borrow from other paper art expressions, my work is not origami or paper maché.  The 3D forms are not computer designed, they are created by old-fashion try-and-error.



I am fascinated by patterns. My modular forms allow me to create individual units than when put together create a form that expresses repetition, like a pattern, but in 3D. These forms are manifestations of merging of 3D geometry and artistic expression. My inspiration to create them comes from nature, many of my pieces have an organic aquatic quality.



Although most of my work is meticulously planned and designed, lately I am very interested on creation without an agenda. I want to just play with the paper and cut, fold and glue spontaneously, letting the pieces reveal itself. I call this freestyle art, most of this artwork is abstracted or non-representational. Since exploring what is possible is one of my goals, abstraction free me to create what does not exist yet with infinite possibilities.

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